Designed to our exacting standards of high australian quality

⦁ 33 Sqm in size (3.55 Squares) – 11m x 3.3m;
⦁ Architectural designed.
⦁ Australian owned and made.
⦁ Custom built steel frame.
⦁ Interlocking metal cladding available in all Colorbond colours and Corten finish.
⦁ XPOD come with a minimum double glazed with low glazing, in powder coated black aluminium frames. The complete window / door systems are rate at BAL 40.
⦁ The decking is Modwood composite decking, which has a GreenRate Level C certified by Global GreenTag™.
⦁ Fully insulated.
⦁ Flooring is a Blackbutt finish


The Pods will have a minimum BAL 29 overall rating. This is achieved by the following:

  • Subfloor Supports
  • Non-combustible supports
  • Non-combustible lined subfloor


This is dependent on the topographic of the proposed site: If the pod sits 400mm above natural ground level the base will be enclosed with a metal mesh; If the pod sits 400mm below natural ground level the base will be enclosed with a non-combustible sarking.

External Walls

Walls sarked on the outside with steel sheeting

External Windows

Fire rated window systems, BAL 40 rated

Internal Doors

Fire rated door systems, BAL 40 rated.


  • Non-combustible tray deck roof
  • Roof / Wall junction sealed
  • All opening fitted with non-combustible ember guards
  • Roof to be fully sarked.

Luxurious, Modular And Beautifully Designed

The XPOD has been designed to be flexible and modular in design. Two designs are available accommodating discerning couples and families.

Heating and Cooling

Depending on whether the unit is off-grid or on-grid a range of heating and cooling solutions will be applied.


  • Cooling and heating
  • Split system air conditioner


  • Heating : Gas Heater
  • Cooling : Generator driven split system air conditioner


XPOD comes with, built in LED lighting, sound system, natural finishes and surfaces, well-appointed kitchen, storage spaces, water tank and modern bathroom facilities.

Water tanks are to be provided to each pod, size of tanks and location of tanks is site dependant.

Toilets options will be site specific and can include:

Option 1: Septic Tank System

Option 2: Composting Toilet System

Option 3: Connected to available sewage system

Option 4: Worm Farm Waste Systems

Option 5: Incineration Toilets

Energy Supply

Electrical grid.
Optional Off-Grid solutions are available with state of the art solar panels and converters and battery systems.